Government May Mandate “Smoking Kills” On Cigs, Making Them Even Cooler

This is a story from England, but if they follow through with this proposal, you can bet your fvcking ass that I am going to find ways to import the new cigs from across the pond.

As the headline says, England is trying to kill vaping by making cigarettes cooler by printing “smoking kills” on each and every one of them. I hope they do it.

Labour MP Mary Kelly Foy, introduced the proposal, and then said things that shows how out of touch she is with people in high school and college who are going to smoke anyways…

“I hope it would encourage some smokers to give up because if they are putting that in their mouth and seeing that message on cigarettes every time they smoke, I hope it would have the desired effect,” she said.

Okay, Mary Kelly Foy, you may not know this about me… but I am wearing a Get Wild Eat Ass tshirt right now. So, if you think printing “Smoking Kills” is going to stop me from ripping a cig while burying the cheapest beer I can tolerate… you clearly have not met me — or any of my friends, or their friends, or their distant kind-of friends.

Smoking has seen a global uptick in recent months — now, I am not expert, but I would bet that it has something to do with locking everyone in their house and trying to force them into government compliance.

According to the story, the number of smokers around the world hit an all-time high of 1.1 billion in May.


“That’s why I’ve tabled amendments to the Health and Care Bill with the aim of reducing smoking levels and to make big tobacco pay for their pollution,” Mary Kelly Foy said, again signaling how clueless she is to what this would actually do.

Foy also added that she hoped the warning labels “would deter people from being tempted to smoke in the first place, especially young people.”

Listen, lady, there are warnings on every pack of cigarettes here in America and it doesn’t deter anyone hucking dice. This will only make the guy with “Smoking Kills” cigarettes guaranteed to get it.

Photo by Andrea Dibitonto on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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