Soccer Star Assaults Fan

Geez, people. We lose a season or two of being able to go to games in person, and everyone forgets how to act. English soccer fans have recently been rushing the pitch after games, resulting in clashes like you’ll see below.

This week alone there have been several pitches stormed, and the league called out the security guards of multiple teams, saying they need to get their shit together and keep these people out.

Today the police opened an investigation into an altercation between the manager of Crystal Palace, Patrick Vieira, and a fan who had stormed onto the field. As of earlier today, nothing formal had been filed and the police confirmed they were investigating.

A fan who had gotten onto the field, which is already an issue as it is illegal and dangerous, held a phone up to Vieira’s face. Patrick responded by kicking out at the fan who fell.

While storming the field is technically wrong and illegal, Everton had narrowly avoided relegation with this comeback win, and I understand the emotions taking control. The fan was being an idiot and annoying, and I guess Patrick Vieira felt like he was in physical danger, and responded by lashing out. Both are in the wrong here.

Vieira has declined to comment on the situation.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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