My Aunt, Supposed To Fly on Southwest, Is Stuck In Dallas Due To ‘Weather’ … Let’s Go Brandon!

In the all too familiar story, Southwest is delaying a ton of flights today — and yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that — for “weather”, but really it is for vaccine mandates with pilots and flight crews standing up against mandates.

Southwest is actively denying that this has anything to do with vaccine mandates, but … let’s see… the pilot union asked for a block to the mandate on FRIDAY and this all started on SATURDAY. Weird.

Well, my aunt is now one of those folks stuck at the terminal and I was able to get some real time updates as she was making her way back from Phoenix.

It goes a little like this:

Damn right I went right in for the information.
Oh, you are on vacation… are you stuck?
Send pics!

And boom. Got’em.

Here are the delays.

Just rapid fire delays. Awesome.

And the reason? The weather… of course.

But… here is the weather in Dallas, and outside the airport.

So, if you have been following the story, it is all too familiar.

If you haven’t let me catch you up.

Monday, Southwest issued a statement after it canceled more than 1,000 flights, or 29% of its schedule, on Sunday alone. On Saturday, it canceled 808 flights and had 1,187 flights delayed. 

Southwest is towing the line of “weather.”

“Although we have some new weather in parts of our system, today’s operation has vastly improved from the weekend, with a much smaller number of cancellations linked to our weekend recovery efforts,” Southwest said. 

It also, specifically, said the issues were “not a result of Employee demonstrations, as some have reported.”

Yeah… fvcking… right. Even TMZ doesn’t buy that bullshit.

This is just another disaster with government overreach. And it is a good thing for private citizens to stage these ‘sickouts’ in protest.

Let’s Go Brandon.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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  1. Dallas Love field, the airport that SW operates out of in Dallas, has been seeing delays for quite some time now. They are doing construction on one of the runways so the airport is down to one runway.

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