Spotify Just Deleted Over 70 Episodes Of Joe Rogan Experience

The manufactured anger over Spotify — the platform of the popular yet controversial “The Joe Rogan Podcast” — reached a boiling point this week as your great granddad’s favorite musical artists announced their respective decisions to boycott Spotify over “Covid misinformation.”

As relayed by late Friday night, over 70 episodes of JRE went missing from the streaming platform. It adds credence to the notion that Spotify execs may be caving to the outcry.

The cuts were tallied by an online tracking tool that documents every episode of Rogan’s podcast that gets taken off of Spotify.

Starting off the “misinformation” misnomer campaign was Canadian-American singer Neil Young. Joni Mitchell then announced her decision to leave the platform in protest of Rogan, and it snowballed into Crosby, Stills, and Nash’s decision to leave Spotify on Friday.

A growing list of well-off artists attempts to strongarm Spotify over Rogan’s penchant for hosting guests that often present a differing opinion on any aspect of life.

In this spectrum of conversation, Rogan has hosted doctors and researchers that have both touted the COVID vaccine and challenged it, based on its limited scope with long-term effects.

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart even called the move by these geriatric jinglers an “overreaction.”

However, the mass sweep of episodes on Friday catered to the perception that Spotify’s higher-ups may be panicking in the face of the woke mob.

By allowing their $100 million product to appear in the reach of an outraged few, Rogan and Spotify’s rocky relationship may only be in its initial stages.

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