Stanford RA Loses Mind, Calls Unmasked Residents Racists In Insane Rant

So, by and large, if you are an RA you are training to be a NARC or a Karen. Those are the aspirations for most of these shitstains. BUT, this time, we have an RA that is looking for his own show on CNN in short order.

The RA at Stanford, sent an email to the 2,400 residents of the Escondido Village Graduate Residences (EVGR), with a direct message to those students who walk around maskless: you are racist.

OF COURSE THEY ARE… every white that isn’t sucking off the liberal tit is a racist. Clearly.

If you want to witness his crazy, it reads like this:

“I am compelled to send this email because the overwhelming majority of masking non-compliance I have witnessed in our community has been from white students – a gross inequity,” the RA wrote, via the Stanford Review. “In addition to being a matter of public safety and interpersonal respect, compliance with our community masking requirement is a racial justice issue.

“As a white person who understands the historical relationship between white culture and infectious diseases, and has been personally traumatized by the callousness of anti-masking rhetoric and behaviors in my own life and globally, I find masking non-compliance to be extremely racist, triggering, disrespectful, and immature.”

Just when I thought we were moving out of the Covid panic, we now find out that it is not a virus… it is RACIST.

OF COURSE IT IS… everything is racist. Dummy.

At least one person was willing to tell this clownshow to shut the fvck up.

“Not wearing a mask in the building, against the regulations, is wrong. However, there is literally no reason to make it a “white people and their culture are bad” issue,” the student wrote. “Neglecting to mask up indoors IS disrespectful and immature. However, it is not racist and should not be “triggering.” Blaming white students for not masking based on personal observations and insinuating they are racist and want their fellow students to be “killed or maimed” is disgraceful.

“I understand some white people have a chronic need to virtue signal, but perhaps such rhetoric should be left out of emails from RAs. Great job making students of all identities feel welcome in their place of residence.”

That message unfortunately hurt the RA’s feelings, who responded back two hours later…. from the comfort of his safe space, most likely.

Anyways… te RA doubled down on their earlier remarks and made an even bolder statement.

“I’m going to respond to you line-by-line, because I found your message hurtful,” the RA wrote. “Doing my job requires me to face reality, including that of the factual experiences I have had with predominantly white people in this building. And because not wearing a mask has a disproportionate, negative impact on people who are not white, it’s therefore racist.

“Besides: Imho [in my humble opinion], white people are racist. White people do racism every day. I simply call attention to the racist behaviors that I have observed. Facts are facts.” 

There you go, folks. This RA thinks COVID-19 only negatively impacts people who aren’t white and thinks all white people are racist.

Joy Reid would be proud.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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