Stetson Bennett Was Probably, Totally Wasted On GMA After Winning Championship

Stetson Bennett will never have to buy another drink in the state of Georgia so long as he lives. That, apparently, started last night in Indianapolis and went into the morning as the quarterback that led the Dawgs to a National Title was clearly still wasted on National Television.

His appearance on Good Morning America was certainly on the back end of a bender that he will probably never remember forget.

To the tape!

Now, unlike many Georgia quarterbacks, the NFL isn’t in Stetson’s future, but nobody is ever taking away that national championship and the benefits that come along with that, including the free booze that Internet experts think he sucked down this morning before someone threw him in front of a GMA camera.

Also… let’s look at where this dude came from:

He was probably also wasted in that picture.

Oh man!

Written by Malcolm Henry

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