Students Giving Teachers Lappers At An Assembly? What Could Go Wrong…

I, like many of you, have had at least one teacher that I would have loved to have gotten a lap dance from. Or, if you are reading on TSM, maybe you had a teacher you would have actually liked to give a dance to… we aren’t here to judge that… but this idea in Kentucky is pretty fvcking insane.

From USAToday, these photos were subsequently taken down from the athletics department’s Facebook page, showed students in not too much, giving lap dances to faculty and staff — including Hazard High School Principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini.

Let’s go to the tape:

Ummm, okay…. what?

Appppparently, Hazard High School uses its homecoming week festivities to include students and staff taking part in a “Man Pageant” … fvck is this…

So, besides dudes wearing lingerie, we have girls wearing Hooters outfits, and people paddling each other.

This is the grossest example of school spirit that I could find.

USAToday also found a thread about the Hazard High School events on Reddit… which is titled “This is the mayor of my town being grinded on by a high school student dressed as a woman,” if you wanna check it out.

Sondra Combs, superintendent of Hazard Independent Schools, said that people have been punished.

“As it is a personnel matter, we are not allowed to disclose any further information regarding the specifics of the discipline,” her statement said.

She also added this weird sentence: “Using this as a teachable moment, we will provide social media training for our students and staff.”

That, to me, reads like “we are sorry …. we got caught.”

The teachable moment is “don’t have male students dress in drag and give lappers to male administration, you fvcking weirdos.”

“Kentucky law provides that school district superintendents are required to report instances of educator misconduct to the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). Therefore, if the investigation finds a certified educator likely violated the Kentucky Educator Code of Ethics, the superintendent is required to report this to the EPSB for potential action,” Konz Tatman wrote in an email to USAToday. “If any citizen of Commonwealth feels that that Kentucky’s educator Code of Ethics was violated by a certified educator, they can also file a complaint with the EPSB.”

This is weird shit. No small shock it happened in rural Kentucky.

Written by Malcolm Henry


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