Stunningly Brave Queen Identifies As Trans Race

Jesus fucking Christ. This is the new American dream, so buckle up, folks. Girls are running around pretending to be dogs on Tik Tok, guys are on so many SSRIs they can’t even get their dicks hard anymore, and now TRANS RACE! But hey, as long as Jimmy Kimmel is still doing that segment where he has parents take away candy from their kids, right?

From the look of the image on the left, I’d say we’re talking about a girl (if that’s the correct noun) whose dad worked at Geico and her Mom was a substitute teacher. Once she got into college, she was so starved for adversity due to the suburban upbringing that she looked far and wide to identify as somebody who she was not.

A country once enthralled by John Wayne movies and Michael Jackson dancing on stage now nails at the bit to celebrate Lizzo getting fatter and teen celebrities getting gayer. We live in hell.

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