T-Rex For Sale!

I feel like I have the same reaction to a lot of the news stories I have been blogging about recently, and that is the idea that whatever news story I’m reading reminds me of a horror or end-of-the-world-type movie. That holds true for this story too.

The full skeleton of a 76 million-year-old dinosaur is being auctioned off in New York City later this month. The dino is a Gorgosaurus, a distant relative of the T-Rex (sorry not sorry for the clickbait), and lived about 10 million years before in the Western US/ Canada.

This particular skeleton was found in Montana in the Judith River Foundation. The big guy is about 10 feet tall and 22 feet long. All of the other discovered skeletons of this type of dino are currently being displayed in museums, so the winner of this auction will be the only private owner of a Gorgosaurus.

Pretty sick flex.

Sotheby’s will be hosting the auction and estimates the fossil will go for between $5-8 million. I’m by no means an expert on anything fossils or dinosaur related, but that seems kind of cheap. $8 million and you’re the only person in the world to own a full Gorgosaurus skeleton? And a fvcking massive one at that? Seems like someone might cop that thing and try to extract some DNA and create a Jurrasic Park situation.

Look at this beauty.

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