Taco Bell Manager Burns Customer With Boiling Water

These customers got burned bad at Taco Bell, and not just on the toilet.

Last week, Brittany Davis and her niece C.T stopped by their local Taco Bell in Dallas, TX for some late night snacks. After spending $31 in the drive-thru (if you know anything about Taco Bell, $31 is a substantial amount of food), the two checked their bags only to find their order was completely wrong. Classic T-Bell. 

After circling through the drive-thru two more times in an attempt to correct the order, no staff member was willing to accommodate Brittany and C.T, leading them to park and head inside. Despite the inside being closed for the night, a Taco Bell employee unlocked the door for them, allowing them entry. This is where things get bad.

Brittany and C.T tried to complain about their incorrect order, but rather than offering to remake the food an employee actually challenged C.T (a minor) to a fight. Yep, the employees wanted so badly not to do their jobs that they thought fighting a child was a good way to get out of it.

Though the fight never happened, it was at that point that the manager of the Taco Bell rushed over to the altercation with a bucket of boiling hot water and splashed it all over C.T’s face. The pair immediately rushed out of the restaurant as the manager went back to refill the bucket plotting a round two. The two claim that as they bolted out, the rest of the employees laughed and cheered. 

Brittany and C.T have each suffered physical ailments as a result of the splashing. C.T sustained discoloration and scarring burns to her face, chest, legs, arms and stomach, while Brittany has burns on her chest and stomach. Brittany is also claiming to have endured brain injuries which have caused 10 seizures since the incident on July 17. 

The two have since filed a lawsuit against the establishment, suing for $1 million dollars to pay for hospital fees as well as traumatic effects. The pair’s lawyer Ben Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney, released a statement on the lawsuit, saying “Not only did Brittany and C.T. suffer physical trauma because of the burns but they will now live with the psychological trauma that comes with an attack like this. Corporations have a duty to employ quality and stable employees who hold safety as the highest priority.”

Though it seems Brittany and C.T have a strong case on their hands, everything right now is simply alleged. However, there is security tape footage of the water being thrown at them. If they really did sustain the injuries they claim and the incident did in fact go down as they said, I think it’s pretty safe to say they should win this case. I’m no law expert, but I am a Taco Bell expert, and if things really are as bad as the two plaintiffs suggest, not only will they win, but they may be entitled to more than just a million dollars.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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