Teacher Gets 41 Years For Feeding Kids J*zz

A twisted Louisiana ex-teacher who admitted to giving her students cupcakes laced with her husband’s sperm has been sentenced to 41 years in prison. Cynthia Perkins, 36, was sentenced Friday after pleading guilty to second-degree rape, production of child pornography and conspiracy of mingling harmful substances in Livingston, WTRF reported.She has no possibility of parole for 40 years.

New York Post

This seems a little harsh to me. In this culture of virtue signaling where anybody can be anything, forty-one years is a long time for a non-violent offense. If anything, I feel like this would be a great plot-line for a Euphoria episode! This kind of reminds me of Eric Cartman’s Ass-Burgers except with Cum-Cakes. HOW DOES THIS LADY GO UNCHECKED?! Most of this article has been sarcastic, but that should be terrifying. I don’t want the product of my bad pull-out game growing up in a world where Prince Andrew can teach him about Mesopotamia. 

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