Ted Cruz VS Sesame Street PT. 2

Ted Cruz is once again going after a beloved (and controversial??) puppet.

Elmo recently got the Covid vaccine after the FDA approved its use for children under the age of five. Elmo has been perpetually 3 and a half since 1984 (Not an Orwell joke I swear). After getting the shot as a part of an episode he said there was a little pinch, but the shot wasn’t too bad to help ease the mind of little kids who will be getting the shot.

Cruz took issue with this advertising for a vaccine for children, saying they were “aggressively advocating for vaccinating children…[citing] ZERO scientific evidence”.

I mean it is absolutely weird that a kid’s show is trying to convince their audience to take a vaccine, but the idea of Ted Cruz beefing with fvcking Elmo the puppet is comedy gold. Republicans for the most part have been taking issues with vaccine “propaganda”, but Cruz is one of the more outspoken people in opposition.

The funniest thing about this whole shitshow is that this isn’t the first time Cruz has beefed with a kid’s TV show, not even the first sesame character. He has a similar run-in with Big Bird last year. Big Bird also got the Covid vaccine on the show and Ted called him out in a similar way. SNL even made a sketch about it, because of course they did.

Agree or disagree with the message of the show or the politician, Ted Cruz beefing with puppets is funny.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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