Tennessee Titans Offer Up The Dumbest Change To NFL Overtime Rules

For the most part the NFL proposals to revamp overtime have been pretty lame. Everyone thinks something needs to be done. No one knows what it should be.

The prevailing talking point is that “the game shouldn’t be decided by a coin toss” … which implies that professional athletes paid to be on defense have no chance to stop the professional athletes paid to be on offense from going 80 yards and scoring a touchdown to end the game.

(Sorry, I’m totally fine with sudden death on a touchdown. Game over. You had your chance to play the game and didn’t get it done.)

Anyways, Philadelphia and Indianapolis officially submitted their change. It is far from revolutionary… both teams get the ball. Brilliant.

The Tennessee Titans took it one step further suggesting that both teams should get the ball…. unless ONE very unique situation takes place.

The Titans believe that both teams should get the ball. The Titans think that just winning a coin toss should not determine who advances in the playoffs. The Titans think that even if you let up a touchdown drive on the opening drive, that is not what should end the game.

No! That is not fair!

The Titans think that both teams should get the ball…. unless, the defense gives up a touchdown AND a two-point conversion.

Yup. THAT is the change that the braintrust in Tennessee fixes the issue. If your defense lets its opponent go 80 yards and score and kicks an extra point … you still get the ball.

If your defense gives up 80 yards and the opponent also gains TWO YARDS for a two-point conversion against that same defense it just carved up for 80 yards…. game over.

Weird flex, but okay.

Visual evidence.

The next step in this whole process rests with the NFL Competition Committee, which will submit its proposals next week.

Said committee — which the NFL commissioner selects — currently consists of two owners, two club presidents, two general managers and three head coaches and is tasked with answering the question: “Does the change improve the game?”

There have been a lot of changes recently that I do not believe meet that charge and I include these proposals on that list.

The overtime rules have been hotly contested in recent years, mostly on social media and other talking-head shows, who want “fair” to replace “competition” …

Make a stop. Do your job. If the other team imposes its will and marches the field, you lost. You had 60 previous minutes to make the needed plays and it didn’t happen. You are not a toddler, you are professional athlete. You don’t get ‘one more chance’ to improve your behavior. You’re grounded!

The committee will vote on any changes at the league’s annual meeting at the end of March. A proposal needs at least 24 votes for approval.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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