That’s a Highway, Not a Runway!

A video recently started going viral of an emergency plane landing that took place on July 3rd.

A Florida man, of course, was training and getting his hours in to become a commercial pilot. He was in a small single engine plane with his father in law, flying around and getting an arial view of some land he had recently purchased surrounding a lake in North Carolina.

All of a sudden the plane’s instruments indicated that the engine was losing power at a rate which made it impossible to return to the airfield and land there. Vincent Fraser, the pilot, told his father in law he loved him, and began to look for a suitable place to attempt a landing.

At first Fraser was aiming for a river when he spotted a highway. The former marine and current flight attendant resolved to land there, and began to descend. When cars noticed the plane they pulled off to the highway’s shoulders, giving enough space to land without worrying about hitting any cars.

Fraser landed safely and a Sheriff’s patrol car camera picked up the whole landing which I will attach below. Fraser said he almost gave up on his piloting dreams after the near accident, but the love and support he received from his community and the internet made him even more determined to be a pilot.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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