The NFL Puts Awful Games in England, Yet Again

For the past couple years, the NFL has held a few games in London every season, and they’ve never been exciting whatsoever. Don’t worry folks, they put garbage matchups across the pond yet again for the 2022 NFL season.

Game 1: Giants v. Packers 10/9 @9:30am ET

The Giants had a pretty good draft this year, but c’mon, they’re still the Giants. They’ve been the embarrassment of the NFC East for years, and why would we expect anything to change. The only lucky thing about this matchup is that the Packers look like they’ll be just as bad. With Davante now on the Raiders, Aaron Rodgers has no one to throw to other than Lazard and old-head Randall Cobb, so I guess this should be a close game – just not in the way we’d like it to be.

Game 2: Vikings v. Saints 10/22 @9:30am ET

Assuming Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielan, and Justin Jefferson are all healthy, the Vikings look like they could have a decent season, except for the fact that they decided to sign Kirk Cousins to another year. He’s not a terrible QB by any means, but with weapons like that you need someone great. The Saints look to be pathetic again this year, despite the addition of Tyrann Mathieu. Unless Jameis can pull something out of his ass and become a great QB, the offense looks to be completely underwhelming. 

Game 3: Jaguars v. Broncos 10/30 @9:30am ET

I mean c’mon. Do I really have to say much on this one? Maybe Trevor Lawrence really turns it around this year and puts the Jags in a competitive position, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re going to have to watch a washed-up Russel Wilson lead the Broncos all season. This matchup is one no one cares about – not even people from Denver and Jacksonville.

The NFL simply doesn’t seem to realize that no one wants to wake up earlier than they have to on a Sunday to watch games overseas that mean almost nothing to non-fans of the teams. That’s not to mention the fact that the people that actually live in England would rather watch a high school soccer game being played there than an NFL game. They don’t care about the NFL, and we don’t care that there are games over there. The NFL needs to do away with the England games.

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