Theaters Cracking Down On Minions’ Tiktok Trend

In classic 21st century fashion, Tiktok is changing the world we know and love. Due to a recent trend taking over the app in which high school level boys show up to the new film Minions: The Rise of Gru in full suits, movie theaters all over the world are beginning to ban formal dress wear.

Many theaters throughout the United Kingdom have begun cracking down on anyone trying to enter wearing a jacket and tie as patrons have been disruptful during screenings, often clapping, cheering, and sometimes even throwing bananas throughout the movie.

The recent Tiktok trend has been dubbed “gentleminions,” which was a term coined by the film itself. As part of the trend, teenagers have been entering theaters in massive groups, wearing suits, smoking cigars, and disrupting the film for other viewers. The trend has gone viral with teenagers in countries all across the world joining in.

From the U.K to Singapore to even Mr. Beast, Tiktokers all over have participated in the trend. However, while many are harmlessly trying to have a good time, several instances have turned disruptive due to banana throwing and excessive cheering. 

While no theater has banned formal attire in the US yet, only time will tell as the film has just recently hit the box office on July 1. The film is already a smash, raking in over $128 million dollars on opening weekend.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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