THEE Tiger King Has A GoFundMe To Fight Off That B!tch Carole Baskin

Joe Exotic, the man who singlehandedly got us through the early days of Covid, is now taking a Bernie Sanders approach, and once again asking us for financial support.

On the back end of another judgement that went against him — and in favor of that bitch, Carole Baskin — Exotic has set up a GoFundMe to pay down his $1MILLION that is owed to her.

Exotic closed his post with a plea, “I will walk out of prison with my clothes on my back, a $1 million judgment and no home or clothes. My health is deteriorating and prison has not been kind. Simply put, I cannot get a fresh start until I pay @$&#!%! Carole Baskin back.”

The GoFundMe is asking for an $500,000 (good fvcking luck, bro) to cover the legal fees that have piled up during his ongoing feud with Baskin.

From his GFM.

TMZ is also reporting that a judge sanctioned Joe and instructed him to pay Baskin another $10,000 stemming from a dispute over the infamous Oklahoma zoo he used to own.

She is pretty relentless, if we are being honest, in continuing to come after this dude.

He has spent time in prison. He has no money. He is dying from cancer.

Carole, stop. You already won.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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