This Dude Snuck Into The SEC Championship Game, As Media, And Lived To Tell About It

Conner McBee is a gotdamn legend.

Remember his name. Etch it in granite. Make him your hero.

This fvcking dude just rolled with the ‘act like you belong’ mentality … pretending to be a member of the media and just rolled up to the sideline on the Alabama beatdown of Georgia for an inspiring story for the everybro.

He told that he was simply wearing a Georgia Redcoat (Georgia Marching Band) polo and carried a small camera — you know, as a member of the media — McBee decided that he would try his luck at getting into the game … as opposed to paying $1000.

How did he do it?

Let’s go to the tape:

That interview was via Trey Wallace of

Trey is a fantastic writer and he OWNS the SEC for the site. So him finding the original video is no shock.

That said… we can … do it a second time, but from McBee’s perspective.

Let’s go to the tape!

I have often thought about the ‘fake it til you make it’ mentality but have never had the balls to do it … I mean, outside of snagging a continental breakfast at a hotel I’m not staying at … but this dude really upped the ante.

Suffice it to say, Connor McBee is an inspiration.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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