Tom Brady Almost Screws a Guy Out of $500K

Not too long ago, the greatest quarterback of all time (I hate the guy, but there’s no denying he’s the GOAT) retired. With tons of records, seven Super Bowl wins, and five Super Bowl MVPs, it was the end of an extremely amazing career. Until he decides weeks later that he was, in fact, not retiring. For Brady fans, this was unbelievable news. For people like me, who hate the guy, it was terrible news. But no one was more upset about Brady un-retiring than Ron Firman.

Firman wanted a piece of Brady’s legacy, and to get that, he spent $518,000 on the final touchdown pass ever thrown by the NFLs greatest quarterback. Mere hours after his purchase was complete, Brady pulled the old switcheroo on us and announced he’d be back for another season. 

Luckily for Firman, the auction house he purchased it from were just as willing to change their minds as Brady. After suffering the shock of spending $500K on a football that ended up being almost meaningless in the grand scheme of things, the auction house voided the sale – seeing as how Firman paid for Brady’s “last ever touchdown ball,” it seems only fair that he not have to pay for Brady’s “last ever touchdown ball of the 2020 season.”

Firman has no plans to let Brady’s unretirement stop him from getting that piece of memorabilia, though. He plans on doing the exact same thing when Brady really does retire. He told Inside Edition: “If a wide receiver throws it into the crowd again, I’m going to be bidding on that ball again. You can bet on that.”

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