Ezra Blount (9) Has Filed Suit Against Travis Scott For Astroworld Injuries

Ben Crump — a powerful civil rights attorney — has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ezra Blount (age 9) for injuries he suffered at Astroworld 2021. Injuries that Blount has yet to fully recover from, injuries that he may never fully recover from.

In documents obtained by TMZ (likely from Crump’s staff since that is how the media game is played) the young man is claiming he was “trampled nearly to death” and was “suddenly forced to watch in terror as several concertgoers were injured and killed”

The docs also claim that Ezra was “kicked, stepped on, and trampled” as people around him were lifting up “unconscious bodies of friends and strangers and surfed them over the top of the crowd, hoping to send them to safety.”

We all saw the video… that all did happen. It was a very serious event, with very serious consequences.

Blount, according to the report, remains in a medically induced coma and on life support. It states that he suffered severe damage to his liver, kidney as well as his brain and the injuries will impair his quality of life and “ability to grow and thrive.”

This is all really terrible details to come out for a young life.

The TMZ report continues with more gruesome information as well as direct allegations against Scott as well as Live Nation.

It directly states that those two entities, “egregiously failed in their duty to protect the health, safety and lives” of all of the concertgoers. Specifically, the lawyer details that they collectively, did not have enough security to implement crowd control measures and emergency medical support.

Crump also told TMZ, that Ezra’s injuries have caused “indescribable emotional pain and mental anguish, and that Ezra and his father are seeking general damages, as well as exemplary damages.”

It is the third known lawsuit to have been filed against Scott and LiveNation.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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