Unhinged College Prof Goes On Rant Calling Madden Video Game Racist

If I were looking to transfer, I would 100% be eliminating Dallas College from my potential landing spots. Sure there are Leftist loons in every faculty but this Professor took every talking point he could remember from the last five years of Wokeness and rolled them into one.

According to Dr. McGregor, a history professor that clearly has not studied history, the Madden video game series, named after the recently deceased John Madden, has further dehumanized black athletes. That’s Madden’s legacy: dehumanizing black people.

I promise you that his not a parody account. This is a real man. Posting real thoughts that he really had.

Dr. McGregor is a perfect caricature of the progressive left.

He will simultaneously claim that it’s racist that black people provide the country entertainment in the form of professional sports (the NFL is roughly 70% black) while also complaining that black people don’t get enough opportunities in professional sports.

In summation, everything is racist — always.

Especially all white people. Except Liberal White people, just ask them… they have escaped that somehow. All non-liberal white people… they are.

Like John Madden. Or something.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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