Vikings Coach Continues To Prove If You Are Rich Anything Can Happen

I have been getting some negative feedback on social media when I point out ugly guys scoring supersmokes and the replies are usually some form of “you’re just jealous” … and to that I say, No shit.

Should Pete Davidson get Ariana Grande in this lifetime? No. Let alone Kate Beckinsale. And now Kim Kardashian. Which devilish entity did this dude sell his soul to? I may be in the market…

Anyways, I move my jealousy to Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer. Zimmer, the 65-year-old with absolutely no style at all is no official with Insta model Katarina Miketin.

Good for fvcking him.

I mean, let’s go to the tape, of them both:

This fvcking guy…
… and this fvcking girl. Stahp.
I mean, look at him…
… and looook attttt herrrrrr.

Okay, tell your side of the story, lady.

“Ask any of my friends, I have no ‘type,’” she said in her Maxim interview. “If I were to say what I am attracted to, I would say it is someone who is secure, extremely loyal, very driven and loves a healthy lifestyle.”

So, rich. Your type is rich. Because I don’t see “loves a healthy lifestyle” from any image of Mike Zimmer. Also not too sure about driven. I mean, he is the coach of the perpetually average Vikings.

“My ideal date would be a nice dinner, with some wine, outside on a patio somewhere,” she kept rattling off cliches, “I like low-key places. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress-up, but sometimes simple can be better. I want to see if there is that ‘spark.’ I think you need to have a genuine conversation. I hate the whole texting back and forth before you meet, so I don’t do it.”

Just take it all in.

Well, congrats Mike.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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