Vince McMahon Taps Out?

The WWE might be scripted, but this whole situation doesn’t seem to be, unfortunately for Vince and his fans.

Vince McMahon was until recently the chairman and CEO of WWE, a position he had held for as long as I can remember until he stepped down last month. New reports are coming out that over a 16-year span he paid over $12 million to four different women in “hush money” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Apparently, all of the women had some sort of connection with the WWE and signed NDAs so they couldn’t speak about their experiences with Vince. Again this is all just alleged, but one of the stories goes that McMahon convinced a former wrestler to give him head, then when she declined to do any other sexual acts with Vince, her contract as a WWE entertainer was not renewed. Yikes.

Other women were also paid millions for their silence back in the 2000s.

These reports are coming out from WSJ pretty soon after they also come out with a report on Vince sleeping with a WWE paralegal after hiring her back in 2019. That report resulted in him stepping down from his role as head of promotional material for the WWE.

The board of the WWE has stated an outside firm is investigating all of the claims.

This all sucks. Vince was larger-than-life and looked up to by kids and adults all over the world. Sad to hear about all of the shady shit he allegedly did.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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