Wanna Know A Ton Of Useless Info? Add This App To Netflix

There is always a know-it-all in every friend group. Hell, it may be you, if it is … well, you are welcome. If it is not, make sure you share this with that person.

Anyways… there is a Chrome extension called Cine Lens that is gaining in popularity because it adds trivia and movie details right on your screen while you are watching. Cine Lens used to be known as the Netflix Lens, and is a free extension that will drop cast info, Easter eggs, and other random tidbits while you stream.

Hey, I know that person from somewhere… PROBLEM SOLVED

I wonder how much salt it took to make Eleven float in that pool? WE GOT YOU, FAM.

Cine Lens can also drop nuggets about the soundtrack, if you are more musically inclined.

If this sounds sort of familiar, it is sort of like Amazon X-Ray on Prime Video, and functions very similarly, though from our perspective it offers more details during your binge.

We have no vested interest in this app… get it or don’t, it doesn’t impact us at all.

Just looks pretty cool.

With the holiday break coming up and so much time to be around your family, this could be a game changer for you.

Netflix now offers three subscription plans and recently debuted a “Netflix Free Section,” allowing non-subscribers to watch a selection of originals at no cost, if you are a cheap ass.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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