Tom Brady Adds One Measly BitCoin To Prize For His 600th TD Ball

Byron Kennedy got so lucky and then acted so foolishly. Damn, what a missed opportunity.

Kennedy, you see, happened to be the fan that caught Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown ball after Mike Evans tossed it into the stands. (Whoops) The ball has been estimated to have been worth nearly $900K if it hit the collectibles market.

What did Kennedy negotiate for himself? Next to fvcking nothing.

Here is his entire ‘prize pack’ …

Two signed jerseys and a helmet from Tom Brady. A Mike Evans autographed jersey and game-worn cleats. $1,000 to the team store and two season tickets to Bucs games for the next two seasons.

And, then, last night on the ManningCast of Monday Night Football Tommy Terrific said he was throwing in ONE BitCoin.

Dude had all the power… then he had none.

What a fvcking idiot.

Anyways, here is what Mike Evans looked like once he realized what had happened…

“The trainer came over and asked for it,” Kennedy said during an interview with a local Tampa newspaper. “What am I going to do? Say no to Tom Brady?”

Yes… you are going to say no to Tom Brady and hold out for a lot more than what you got. You fool.

That one BitCoin is worth about $60K right now… no chance he is holding it long enough to get it to be worth $500K, if it ever is.

But hey, enjoy that trip to the team store….

Written by Malcolm Henry

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