‘Wheel of Fortune’ Spelling Error Costs Contestant $39K

Being at home means watching crappy television with my parents. That includes Wheel of Fortune — which I did not know was still even making new episodes — but apparently they are, and apparently they don’t have anyone under 40 on staff.

The final puzzle was ‘Person’ … except that they got the fvcking person’s name wrong.


Kennise Miller was in the final round and could not come up with the right answer… because they spelled ‘Yung Joc’ and ‘Young Jock’ … WHAT!?!?

To the fvcking video:

She didn’t even venture a guess.

She also didn’t know that it was spelled wrong. Maybe she would not have gotten it correct anyways, but that is not the point.

Miller did not have a chance to secure the bag if they didn’t even give her a fair answer. She will still take home $28,200 and also won a Hawaiian vacation … so there is something nice to look forward to… but an extra $39,000 would be nice, too.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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