When You Don’t Like the Call, Try Punching the Ref

Alright, I’m not gonna lie, as someone who has played organized soccer for much of their lives, this story hit a little too close to home. Ha. See what I did there? Anyways, apparently during a soccer game in Argentina this weekend, a bad tackle was made and a player was booked. Pretty standard soccer stuff. And after the booking was made, the team that got the card was not very pleased about it, again, a perfectly normal reaction. However, as the referee is handing out the yellow card, and trying to keep the peace, a player from the club Garmense flies out of absolutely nowhere and slams the referee in the back of the head, effectively knocking her over.

Now, I’ve been upset about a referee’s performance before, and I’ve definitely said some stuff to some referees that are inadvisable, but actually hitting one? That’s a first. I don’t know how bad your day has to be going in order to get that upset about a card in soccer. There is no way that was the first bad thing that happened to this dude that day. Especially because you know that’s it. Not only have you beat the crap out of the official, but that official also happens to be a female, which, I can’t lie I’m no PR expert, has got to be absolutely horrendous for your public image.

Also, can we appreciate that this is like, Argentina’s Third Division? The man wasn’t playing for a World Cup, I don’t even know if he gets paid to play soccer for that club. At this point, I really hope not. I know that soccer is supposed to be the biggest sport in most of the world, but let’s be realistic here, that man wasn’t getting called up to play with Messi and Argentina’s international team. 

I mean come on buddy, maybe next time try some yoga.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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