Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock at Oscars: “Keep My Wife’s Name Out Of Your Mouth”

The slap heard round the world had Will Smith facing off against — or trying to knock the face off — Chris Rock.

After what seemed like a pretty silly joke about Jada and her hair (she suffers from alopecia) brining back GI Jane 2 — really, its like a 30 year old reference — and Will being very in his feels about it.

So, this ensued:

Now, yes, Will did “stand up” for his wife and her honor but, it looked like a completely scripted situation.

Consider — 1) the joke was not that funny, nor offensive.

2) Will was laughing right up until he wasn’t about the joke.

3) Will was placed right by the stage for ease of access.

4) Not a single person batted an eye as we walked to the stage.

5) Even Rock was standing there, waiting for something to happen.

Then… when the slap did occur, it was pretty weak and Rock barely responded.

Remember, Will Smith is like 6-foot-2 and well into the 220s… Rock, on the other hand, is maybe 5-foot-8 and definitely not 185. The combination of height/weight, lack of reaction from Rock, and the fact that no one has watched the Oscars in five years, leads me to believe this was all a work and NOT real.

Also.. thankfully, Rock told the joke about Will Smith’s wife and not Alec Baldwin’s…. yikes, a live shooting…

Also… thankfully, or maybe not, Will didn’t slap Dave Chappelle. We would be on hour 12 of an unscripted Roast of Will Smith.

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