Woman Climbs In Drive thru Window For Ranch, Twerks Her Way Out

Armed with bare feet and bad intentions, an unnamed woman climbed through a Jack in the Box drive thru to demand some ranch for her order. 

Lady, this isn’t Chick-Fil-A sauce. Hell, it isn’t even McDonald’s BBQ sauce. You don’t need to go to these lengths.

She then cussed out employees and twerked back through the window before returning to her car and her meal.

To the tape:

Let’s be honest, this probably happened in Florida.

The disgruntled customer wasted little time, clapping at employees over and over continuously barking, “Where my ranch at?”

After a flurry of words, all of which are unintelligible except for “bitch,” the angry woman addresses one of the workers by repeatedly screaming, “Get it!” Seconds later, another Jack in the Box employee approaches the woman with what appears to be the ranch she has so desperately sought. At that point, the shoeless video star snags the ranch and walks away, growling, “That’s what I thought.”

Then, the trespasser, dipping sauce in hand, climbs back out of the drive thru window, but pauses to bid everyone a fond farewell with a three-second twerk.

A saucy goodbye to say the least.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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