Woman Fakes Mass Shooting To Get Out Of Work

Every single day I feel more and more ashamed to be a part of such a horrible generation.

A Chicago teenager has been arrested after faking a mass shooting threat in order to leave work early. Janya Williams, 18, was working as a security guard at Lollapalooza this past weekend when she decided that she wanted to go home early on Friday. Her plan to get out of work: fake a mass shooting, of course.

In order to enact her plan, Williams sent her boss an anonymous text message over the app TextNow (which I assume is WhatsApp for mass shooting alerts) that read “Mass shooting at 4 pm location Lollapalooza. We have 150 targets.” Williams didn’t think that was enough, so she actually told her boss in person that her sister saw a Facebook post also alluding to a possible Lolla shooting.

When her boss asked to see the post, Williams decided to create a Facebook page under the name Ben Scott (which is both the whitest and fakest name possible) where she then crafted a message that read “Massive shooting at Lollapalooza GrantPark 6:00 p.m.” Though Williams did not post the message, she merely screenshot it and sent it to her boss as if it were authentic.

At this point, both the Chicago Police Department and the FBI were involved. It did not take long for them to trace the IP address of the TextNow which was sent directly from William’s cell phone. 

When brought in for questioning, Williams admitted she had faked both the text message and Facebook post. She was charged with making a false terrorist threat and has her bail set at $50,000. 

There are so many things fucked up with this story. First of all, the fact that mass shootings are replacing calling in sick to get out of work is disgusting. Not only that people would actually do it, but also that it’s so believable nowadays. That clearly shows that something is wrong with our country. 

Second of all, this happened on Friday, the second day of the four day festival. How lazy are you that you are making up domestic terrorism threats not even halfway through your scheduled work week? I mean the amount of work this woman did just to try to leave early is more than she would have done if she just did her job. She is a fucking security guard at a music festival. She could have easily just confiscated some booze and/or drugs and sat on her phone watching Tiktok all day, or have looked up and watched the sexiest woman alive Dua Lipa perform live in spandex. But, no instead she decided to call in a terrorism hoax. 

Williams returns back to court on August 8. I hope she gets what she deserves.

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Written by Alex Becker

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