Woman Shows Her Pet Turkey A Cooking Turkey; Internet Has Issues

Katie Byers, a random woman in Ohio, has become the latest axis on which the social media world spins. You see, she showed her pet turkey the turkey that she was cooking for Thanksgiving.

The video, which has been viewed nearly 40 MILLION TIMES, became the focal point of post-Thanksgiving arguments.

To the tape:

In the video… that is like 10 seconds long… the pet turkey can be seen looking into the half-opened oven, which has a non-pet turkey cooking inside.

Katie asks: “What you doing, bub?

“It’s okay, you don’t know him.”

Well that does not stop the internet from chiming in.

One reader posted: “I’m not a vegan but videos like that make me want to become one.”

The echo chamber continued with: “You’re just going to cook his homie in front of him?”

Yep, you see where this is going: “Come on, don’t do that.”

And of course, “It’s still kind of sad and mean to be showing him that. I get you want to be funny but come in even for an animal, it is mean.”

Kate, apparently the only logical one on her account, posted back:

“It’s okay to feel sad. If it helps, that’s a store bought turkey and Big Red wanted to eat it,” she said. “Turkeys are curious, but have no concept of ovens. He was mad I wouldn’t let him eat it.”

She finally, added: “Just adding, Big Red was NOT traumatised… he was mad I wouldn’t let him eat it.”

Sorry folks, the pet turkey most likely had no clue that whatever animal was in the cooking devise — since turkey’s don’t know what they look like cooked, nor what an oven is — the people who think this is anything other than funny, are stupid.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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