Yankee Fans Start Wild Fight In The Stands

In classic New York fashion, two Yankee fans got into an argument at last night’s game prompting a full-on brawl to ensue.

As captured on video and later posted on Twitter, two men at Wednesday night’s Yankee game got into a heat exchange which ended up causing utter chaos. When the video starts, the two men are already exchanging words, but soon a man wearing a pinstripe jersey slaps the other man wearing a camo Aaron Judge jersey across the face. 

While a security guard does get involved, he is not enough to stop the situation, which soon breaks out into a massive free-for-all. A man in a gray Gerrit Cole jersey, seemingly friends with the man in pinstripes, takes it upon himself to deliver the first blow. The guy in the Judge jersey fires back, but not before being taken down by a friend trying to hold him back.

At that point, haymakers just begin flying all over the place from anyone in the vicinity. A man in a blue shirt who comes out of nowhere starts viciously wailing on the guy in the Cole jersey. The scuffle was finally broken up by security and the men were all escorted out of the arena.

Although no word has come out on what sparked the altercation, NYPD has confirmed three men have issued criminal court summonses.

As if legal trouble wasn’t bad enough, the fans also missed their team rally to make a 7-6 extra-inning comeback over the Reds.

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Written by Alex Becker

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