Ye and XXXTentacion drop Kim K Diss Track?

Ye collaborated with the late X on a song titled “New Love” which dropped last night.

In it, he complains about how the children he and Kim Kardashian had together are being raised. It seems Ye is not able to see his kids as much as he wants to anymore, something that is obviously bothering him.

Kanye speaking about these issues publically is nothing new, he aired his frustrations with Pete (Skete) Davidson on the track “Eazy”, where he killed him in a claymation music video.

Kim has publically apologized for how his actions have affected those around her.

The interesting thing is that Ye has been seen with his kids, so he’s not completely out of the picture by any means, but it seems he just doesn’t like not always being around and having an input on what goes on in the lives of his children. He made this clear a while ago by going on social media to comment on his daughter’s use of social media.

While some consider his antics ridiculous, I think that Ye really does have the best interests of his kids at heart, but his actions regularly cross the line. I think he has seen the affects of being super famous and chronically online, and wants to save his kids from having that kind of life.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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