‘Yellowstone’, ‘1883’ Writer Taylor Sheridan Still Pissed About ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Deputy Chief David Hale Sendoff

Taylor Sheridan may be getting the last laugh as Yellowstone and its prequel 1883 are fvcking crushing it on Paramount+ but that does not mean that he has forgotten how he was treated on his way out on Sons of Anarchy.

Sure, he was only on the first three seasons of Sons, but he didn’t leave on good terms. The way he was shown the door left such a poor taste in his mouth that it led him to focus on writing — which ultimately, worked out pretty well.

In an interview with Deadline, Sheridan said that he thought he was being offered a “very unfair wage” and that he was making “less than virtually every other person on the show” and that negotiations were setting him up to make less than kids on Cartoon Network.

It was a very specific gripe to include Cartoon Network, but whatever.

“The guy goes, ‘I know and you’re right that he probably deserves to make more, but we’re not going to pay him more because guess what, he’s not worth more,'” Sheridan said. “‘That’s what he’s worth. There’s 50 of him. He is 11 on the call sheet. That’s what that guy is, and that’s all he’s ever going to be.’ And that’s really when I quit.

“I decided right there that I didn’t want to be 11 on the call sheet for the rest of my life,” Sheridan added. “Now, I am happily 11 on the call sheet on Yellowstone, but I don’t think anybody wants to watch me do anything on television for an hour because the business told me they don’t. They told me I’m supposed to story tell behind the camera. And so, the only reason I am in front of the camera playing [the horse trainer] Travis is because I grew up on a ranch, riding horses. There’s just not another actor out there who can do those things on a horse.”

While playing Hale, Sheridan was a regular on SoA’s first two seasons, and then (now we know why) he was killed off in the Season 3 premiere.

The distaste for negotiations did not slow him down.

He would go on to sell his script for Sicario — which was directed by Denis Villeneuve and was a surprise box winner in 2015 that helped propel his career.

This is not the first time that he brought up money, but it is making more headlines now with the success of his new shows.

“Everyone on the show was making twice what I’m making, the other series regulars,” he explained in a 2018 with Deadline. “We’re not talking about the stars. And I’m on the DVD [cover] bro; only two people on it. I say, ‘Why is this all you’re offering me? It seems unfair.’ I’m told, ‘That’s all you’re worth and all you’ll ever be worth.’ I took that in. And I said, ‘OK. I guess I’ll tell my own stories.'”

As it played out, Sons closed on a solid note and spurred Mayans MC and the breakout hits of Yellowstone and 1883 may not happened had he been offered more money.

Win. Win.

Written by Malcolm Henry


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  1. SOA, in actuality is such a mediocre show in comparison to Yellowstone. Taylor leaving was the best thing to happen to him in the long run, because look at all the awesome shows we would be lacking, due to his creativity being locked away as #11. Now he’s turned into #1! Bravo Taylor Sheridan, keep up the amazing work!

      • Watched very little of SOA because it was a niche show with very little appeal. Yellowstone is bigger and bolder with broader appeal. That’s why the interest and audience is there. Stupid people make stupid comments deriding the success of Yellowstone

    • Yellowstone s1 and s2 were good. S3 and s4 so far? Absolute dog water. Just so bad and unwatchable. SOA is league’s ahead of Yellowstone.

  2. Good for you i mean SOA was good and all but they should have gave you more screen time but didn’t but it worked out in your favor. Everything you have done since box office hits 100% Loving every movie and show your dealing with. Coming out alot of awards coming your way .

  3. Taylor, you are right where you belong! Yellowstone, 1883, 6666 and on the back of a horse! You are killing it!

    Jennifer Aniston tells a story about quitting a job to join the Friends cast and her boss telling her what a mistake she was making and that the part Rachel was not her big break!

    Most the time, if they are dragging you down, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I learned too late! I still love to watch others prove the point!

    • Agreed!!! I love YS and 1883 and MOK. Sons of Anarchy was the best back then!!! I was hooked!! Can’t please everyone!!!

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  5. I think Taylor Sheridan is self absorbed, should stop crying about SOA, ITS OVER. Yellowstone took off like a house on fire..but really nobody cares about 6666, Jimmy or how well Sheridan can ride a horse. Move it along.

    • Nobody cares? He just signed a huge contract, and the ratings for his amazing shows are thru the roof. Seems like the only one who doesn’t care is you….🤣

  6. I enjoyed SOA but you are a talented story teller. Plus you are excellent with horses which makes you entertaining to watch. I see many accolades coming your way equaling $$$$….BTW l think you are pretty to watch.

  7. Glad Taylor knows his worth and doesn’t tollerate Hollywood’s arrogance. Also, bringing back what’s most important in life, family and country is refreshing especially in today’ self’absorbed society. Going to you Million Dollar event i August. Hope to see you there!!

  8. I loved the hell out of SoA. Was my favorite show. I recently went back to watch all the seasons after years of not watching it. I didn’t remember the show being as “mediocre” as it actually is.

    I actually got a lot of second hand embarrassment because the show in a nut shell is basically Jax Teller screaming all the time like and angry man child. Show was definitely not top tier like everyone claims it to be.

  9. SoA and Mayan creator was fired for cancel culture and pc reasons. The show is woke and terrible now. The brought in a box check creator and he just doesn’t have the talent to write the show.

    • Totally agree! Especially cowboys to this day don’t use the F bomb like this especially in front of women and children. It’s low class and unnecessary!

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  11. If I was him, I would be pissed at whoever wrote this article about him. Contributing to the minimizing of his writing skills.

  12. If I was him, I would be pissed at whoever wrote this article about him. Contributing to the minimizing of his writing skills.

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