You Are Fvcked If Your Team Needs Quarterback This OffSeason, Draft

So the other day when Aaron Rodgers got paid and Russell Wilson got dealt, I had a good time rattling off how easy of a call it was to make that overpayment for Denver. The “Would You Rather” game the front office played came up obvious that even just having third best quarterback in the division was better than not.

It also broke it down to the six quarterbacks that you “would rather” have than Wilson…. and another four that you can discuss.

The “Would You Rather” led Denver directly to Wilson.

It also revealed a lot of teams with really shitty quarterback situations.

The Steelers, Colts, Tampa, and New Orleans all need a quarterback. Without a question. Carolina, Miami, Cleveland, Tennessee, Philly, New York, Detroit all don’t know what they have. Arizona, Chicago, San Francisco, Jets have young guys that are tossups. Yikes.

Here is the bad new, for fans of those teams… free agency and the draft suuuuuuuck.

Let me list, in my order, the best free agents, and where I think they sign:

1: Jameis Winston – New Orleans
2: Marcus Mariotta – Tampa
3: Teddy Bridgewater – Cleveland
4: Mitch Trubisky — Indianapolis
5: Tyrod Taylor — Giants
6: Jacoby Brissett –Pittsburgh
7: Ryan Fitzpatrick — Bills
8: Andy Dalton — Miami
9: Colt McCoy — Washington
10: Joe Flacco — Jets

That’s the list. Yikes.

The Draft isn’t better.

But, let me take a shot at where I think the players will go:

No. 8 — Malik Willis, Atlanta
No. 9 — Matt Corral, Seattle
No. 18 — Desmond Rider, New Orleans
No. 20 — Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

Okay, now I am excited to see how I fair in this prediction after the draft.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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