You Could Lose Weight To Get Healthier, Or Carry ‘Do Not Weigh Me’ Cards And Live In Denial

Good news for all those who decided to stop trying for the last two years and do not want to see the numbers on the scale: “Don’t Weigh Me” cards are now available!

Listen people, I get it, you are feeling insecure at the doctor’s office after years of going too hard on Taco Tuesday. Especially the last two… and since gyms are still hit/miss on being open (depending on if you live in a place that enjoys freedom or tyranny), which makes these cards all the more important if you gained a ton of weight eating your way through Covid.

Speaking of Covid, it has now been documented that obesity is one of the leading risk factors for serious illness and death. So… if you are using a “Don’t Weigh Me” card, you are probably more at risk. I am writing this to help you, no shame you., a California company, has created the cards and are making them available to individuals for free, except for postage.

The chubby cards read: “Please don’t weigh me unless it’s (really) medically necessary. If you really need my weight, please tell me why so that I can give you my informed consent.”

“Because we live in a fatphobic society, being weighed and talking about weight causes feelings of stress and shame,” says the company’s website. “Many people feel anxiety about seeing the doctor, and will avoid going to the doctor in order to avoid the scale.”

There are also plenty of benefits to stepping on a scale confidentially while at the doctor’s office, like knowing whether you might soon develop type II diabetes. But that’s neither here nor there.

On the reverse side of the card is a list of four reasons why the card holder should not be weighed, one of which states: “When you focus on my weight, I get stressed (and that’s not healthy).”

Really, this is just something that people do not want to face.

“We don’t have to step on the scale just because someone tells us to,” added.

CoolCoolCool… can I carry a card that says “Don’t Mask Me”

Photo by AllGo – An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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