BACHELORETTE Recap: Jamie’s Dramatic Instagram Response

A woman who handles herself with class when adversity hits.” – The men cheering to Michelle

Michelle Young is our beautiful bachelorette. In episode 3, she is still hurt by the allegations about her character. In the last episode, Jamie told her that men in the house were talking about her knowing Joe before the bachelor and showing favor to him. He said, not him of course, other men in the house are questioning her character. Michelle felt hurt. But she pressed forward. 

The next day they had a top gun-themed date. They basically tortured the men for entertainment by putting them in a spinning machine. They had to spin around and confess their love to Michelle. Will impresses Michelle and wins a bomber jacket and some alone time. Peter got jealous because he felt that Will stole his move of speaking to Michelle in another language. Of course, being bilingual is only peter’s thing. Martin got the date rose though. He pulled Michelle and asked if she was okay after last night’s allegations. It was very low-key and not attention-seeking. Michelle picked up on his genuine concern. She and Martin made out. This made Martin way cuter even though he has super bleached hair.

Later at the mansion, Peter throws a tantrum about Will stealing his move. He takes the bomber jacket, despite Nayte attempting to calm him down, and throws the jacket into the pool. Will sees and starts to cry. Honestly, I don’t blame Will. He is probably just exhausted because I can’t imagine they feed the contestants. That’s why they act so insane. 

She went on a one-on-one date with Rodney where they played truth or dare. He got a rose after they had a heart-to-heart. Michelle told Rodney that in her last relationship her partner didn’t understand why she was so upset when someone said the N-Word to her. She felt invalidated. (THIS ONCE AGAIN proves Michelle is super emotionally mature. She didn’t feel validated. So instead of seeking more validation from this man, she moved tf on.) Rodney comforted her. It was very sweet, but I’m still getting friend vibes.

On the second date, the men are asked to write a poem about Michelle. Michelle writes a heartbreaking poem about her future love and how being the “token black girl” has kept her from being truly seen and connecting in the past. Brandon received the rose after he said he was starting to fall in love with Michelle. Jamie then said to a producer off-camera, but luckily still had his mic on, that there is “no competition between him and the other men.” Jamie continued saying Michelle was acting like she was on “spring break” giving these other men chances. Acting as if he is better than her.

At the cocktail party, Rick tells Michelle that none of the men had questioned her character and that whoever told her was just trying to get the upper hand by making the other men look bad. Michelle, in a stunning gown, told Rick it was Jamie. Rick, who first seemed kinda odd but now I’m strangely routing for him, tells Nayte. Nayte confronts Jamie. Jamie says that he wasn’t talking about the guys in the house, but the viewers at home questioning her character. This is a pretty lame cover-up. Nayte calls him out on his bullshit. Nayte says that no one should be worrying about that and it doesn’t matter what viewers think. I am LOVING the boys ganging up on Jamie. It’s honestly hot. They’re all sticking up for Michelle and the truth. They’re working together to solve the mystery of who is talking shit like they’re the hot Hardy brothers. 

Jamie tries to clear his name to Michelle in front of everyone. He twists his words and her words and tries to say that he was “protecting” her from what people could potentially think. What he said made no sense. Michelle, the badass she is, repeats back to him what he said, which made him look dumb. Then she repeated back what he initially said to her about the men in the house. He looks like an idiot. Michelle stays calm and escorts him out.

Jamie posted this pic the night the episode airs. Proving that not only mean girls will post “be nice” on their instagrams. Asshole men do it too. 

Once again, Michelle has boundaries. Instead of going on with the cocktail party, as viewers at home and men want, she tells the men she’s too tired. They go directly into the rose ceremony eliminating PeterMolliqueSpencer, and LT.

The men respectively leave saying some kind words to Michelle. 

I’ve never watched the bachelorette before and honestly, Michelle is fucking sick. She doesn’t take any shit. She also is making out with all these men and not feeling bad about it. I love her. From this episode, I would say the front runners are Nayte, Clayton, Joe, and Martin. 

Written by Caroline Bano

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