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Paris Hilton Is Doing Something Really Great With Her Platform For Troubled Teens, Mental Health

Every hot girl that is internet famous simply for being hot owes a great debt to Paris Hilton. She was the first person to take advantage of the early days of social media to achieve an elite level despite no known talent… other than for partying, being rich, and hot.

We at TFM and for our sisters on TSM give Paris a salute to her for blazing that trail.

We give her more deserved attention for her latest efforts on Capitol Hill, where she is advocating for the passage of the Accountability for Congregate Care Act.

Hilton went on “Good Morning America” to describe what happened when her parents sent her to Provo Canyon School in the 1990s, and how it evolved into the worst experience of her life. She explained that she was “physically abused, yelled at, restrained, locked in rooms, forced [to take] medication.” She also said that male staff members watched her shower.

“It was the most painful and traumatic experience of my life,” she said on the show. “I had basically no human rights. I was cut off from the outside world, wasn’t allowed to speak to my parents without being supervised. The fact that it’s still happening today — I just can’t sleep at night, knowing that.

“(My parents) had no idea ’cause who would ever think that these type of things are happening behind closed doors? And I feel these places have gotten away with it for so long because that’s what they do,” Hilton continued. “They’ll (tell) the parents, ‘Your kid’s gonna lie to you. Don’t believe them. They’re manipulating you. They wanna go home.’ Then they tell the kids, ‘You are not allowed to tell your family anything. If you do, we will make sure you don’t use the phone. You will get beaten, strangled, locked in a restraining room.’

“While you’re in there, you are just basically trained to not say anything. So I think when kids get out of there, they just don’t wanna talk about it. They don’t want anyone even knowing, just like myself.”

That sound horrific. And it probably was/is.

Now she is working with Breaking Code Silence to increase awareness of the “troubled teen industry,” and to enact change. Together they are pushing for the passage of the Accountability for Congregate Care Act, aimed at creating accountability requirements for facilities like the one Hilton was in.

“I am confident that this bill will create a world where all youth have the support and opportunity they need to heal, rise and not just survive,” she said.

“There needs to be oversight, regulations, accountability, transparency. People need to know what’s happening, and people need to be held accountable for what they’re doing,” Hilton said.

“I wish we had this bill back when I was a teenager and maybe I wouldn’t have been suffering from trauma and PTSD my entire life because of it. I wanna save other people from having to go through that.”

Good for Paris Hilton. I would not have bet that I would be writing about this, but I am glad that I am.

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Written by Malcolm Henry

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