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Sex and the City and YOU

As we all know, the beloved and timeless sitcom “Sex and the City” is revamping with a whole new series: “And Just Like That.” And we’re over the moon about it. This is a show that centers in on the struggles of both dating and just trying to figure your shit out, with the help of your besties. The timelessness of the show makes the revamp something both you AND your mom can get excited about.

Although the new series will be missing the ever so iconic “Samantha” (formally played by Kim Cattrall) we are all anxiously awaiting its release date.

In light of the spinoff, the SITC team has some interesting marketing plays up their sleeves to promote the show.

According to Page Six, “Famed “Sex and the City” costume designer Patricia Field has donated a replica of the pink tank top and white tutu seen on Sarah Jessica Parker in the series’ opening credits to this year’s Housing Works Fashion for Action fundraiser.”

So if you have the dough, you can sport the infamous Carrie Bradshaw tutu for the premier.

On top of that, Sarah Jessica Parker herself, teamed up with AirBnB to recreate THE Carrie Bradshaw apartment. Unlike the tutu, which will most likely sell for a ridiculous amount, this AirBnB experience will only cost you $23 a night. Liz DeBold Fusco, a spokeswoman for AirBnB noted that they “worked hand-in-hand with Warner Bros. and Sarah Jessica Parker to re-create the space in the most authentic way possible, full of Easter eggs to surprise and delight fans.” And she wasn’t kidding, besides the location this rentable space is almost an exact replica of the original apartment.

From the bedroom:

To the closet:

They even added an authentic and timely replica of Carrie’s computer station:

THIS IS THE IDEAL GIRLS TRIP INTO THE BIG CITY or IT COULD BE THE CUTEST GET AWAY WITH YOUR MR.BIG, all in all I think more people should know about it.

For anyone interested, the rental will be available on AirBnB next Monday November 8th. Here’s the link:

Written by Grace O'Malley

If Carrie Bradshaw drank a little bit too much and was originally from Boston...

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