5 Things Single Men Should do on Valentines Day

HARBIN, CHINA - FEBRUARY 14: A heart-shaped balloon hangs from the ceiling at a shopping mall on Valentine's Day on February 14, 2023 in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province of China. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

5. Hit the Gym- Working out on Valentine’s day is one of the best pumps a single man can get. Working out all the frustration from seeing everyone with their couples is very relieving and a necessity on Valentine’s day.

4. Realize it’s an Ordinary Day- Valentine’s day is bullshit. Every single guy knows that and so do a lot of couples. If you’re single, just treat this day the same as any other. Go to class, hit the gym, and get your shit done. You are single, living life, and saving money.

3. Self-Care- This could be a day to treat yourself. You can go out and get yourself something nice. You can also go out to dinner with the boys and get some drinks. Self-care is important in general, but specifically, on Valentine’s day, it’s essential.

2. Hit the Strip Club- This strip club experience will trump all others. Getting a lap dance by a chick named “Cum Sock,” would probably be one of the fondest memories you could ever have. A memory that you pass down from generation to generation. Although being single on Valentine’s day would give you an easy pass to not blow a bunch of money, this is totally worth it.

1. Get Blacked Out With the Boys- This shouldn’t even be an option. Drinking with the boys is the perfect way to get your mind off everything. This is a very gnarly blackout because deep down you are drinking your emotions away. This is also a blackout you and your boys get very rowdy during and you guys end up wrestling each other for hours. You will probably give the “I love you” speech a lot and end up fake marrying some if not all of your boys.

Written by Danny Serrano

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