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UCLA aint it, and that’s that. Arizona is destined for greatness and it has been a long time coming. Arizona’s offense is really hot at the moment and they’re showing no signs of cooling down. If you have any brain cells, you will bet on Arizona. 

UCLA had a great game against the 4th seed in Oregon. They proved to be a formidable opponent and a tough contender after they dominated Oregon the whole second half. Tyger Campbell dropped 28 points, 6 assists, and 3 rebounds. Along with Jaime Jaquez Jr. with 10 damn rebounds and 18 points. The Bruins were looking good against the Ducks and it did not go unnoticed. Their utilization of being picky with their shots and constant passing tired out the bummy Oregon defense. I won’t lie, UCLA was looking real nice against the Ducks and it was kind of scary. Until the Arizona game came on. UCLA is looking to repeat this dominant performance against Arizona. However, I just don’t think that is possible. Arizona is going to outplay and outsmart the Bruins and prove that they are real contenders coming out of the west.  

Arizona man. Wow. They’re hot like the desert their school is in. And not a muggy gross hot like Florida. Like a good Saturday morning mowing the lawn sweaty hot. Azuolas Tubelis is that god damn guy. Prior to the Arizona State game, he has 636 points and almost 300 rebounds on the year. He’s a big body and has become a serious problem for opponents and one that they circle during practice with, “DON’T LET HIM SHOOT” drawn over his face. They have been on a roll this whole year and a roll that was not expected whatsoever. There’s no telling exactly how this game will go, but I guarantee Arizona will have a big ol’ W stamped over its name when the 2nd half buzzer goes off. Arizona is going to take UCLA to pound town and have a field day with them and I cannot wait to watch this game. 

Mark my words, Arizona is going to beat the daylights out of UCLA and expose them for being the frauds they are. To put it shortly, if you are smart you will bet on ‘zona. Bet on the Wildcats and get $200 in bonus bets Instantly!

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Written by Sampson

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