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IFC/FSL Are Petty Losers

Recently, my fraternity at REDACTED University was put on social probation for probably one of the most benign “hazing” incidents if you can even call it that of all time. It has now come time for that period of misery to end as our punishment has been served, we followed every single sanction and restriction imposed upon us by the university to a T.

As you can imagine, the guys are all pretty stoked, I mean we have been on Sopro for about 6 months now and we are throwing a massive party to celebrate our being back. As such, some of the guys wanted to make a T-shirt to celebrate our being back. This idea of course was shot down by the Karens over at the fraternity and sorority life office. Let’s just forget about the fact that they do not have the authority to do this, and just examine this on principle.

First of all, what kind of effeminate, pathetic, sniveling, little loser do you have to be to tell a group of legal adults that they can’t use their own money to hire a private business to make a F*CKING T-shirt? Secondly, this showcases the larger issue happening on college campuses across the country. The issue is that these people who work in these offices to “oversee” greek life do not have our best interests at heart, in fact, they are so jaded and pathetic that they take it upon themselves to wield petty and arbitrary power to make life as hard as possible on college kids just trying to have a good time.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, these people are the kinds of guys and girls who would have never received a bid while they were in college and instead now take it upon themselves to make a career out of being a professional Karen. It’s honestly pathetic and these people very obviously live unfulfilled, and sad lives. I leave you with this, whatever fraternity or sorority you belong to, at whatever university, do not give these people a f*cking inch, do not give them a reason to mess with you and keep showcasing everything that makes greek life fulfilling, life-changing, unbelievably fun, and a truly enriching experience, cheers!

Written by GI Josh

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