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I googled Clayton and he’s 28 YEARS OLD. I’m scared. Why do boys take so long to mature emotionally?

Every podcast has a better help discount code so like Clayton, put that bachelor money to good use. Ladies, if a man’s words and actions don’t match up, they either are A LIAR or IMMATURE. Both are a no-go. Clayton isn’t a bad guy, he’s just immature.

DISCLAIMER: I know Clayton didn’t kill anybody… He should not be getting death threats. His mistake is not sleeping with the other girls, it’s pretending to be this sweet, angel boy in love when he is a fuck boy trying to manipulate these girls. He’s focused on HIMSELF, not his partners. That’s why he’s a fuck boy. All about his satisfaction. He isn’t even self-aware enough to know he’s a fuck boy. Even though he doesn’t know that, it’s on him. He’s 28. Like…. be honest with yourself.

Clayton tells the girls everything, except, that Susie was the one he was going to pick. Nick Viall pointed that out at the finals and it is true. Clayton said he was laying everything out, except, that Susie was the one he was going to pick. I think AT THE LEAST, the girls should’ve made him say who he was going to send home if Susie was still there. (He gave the last rose to Gabby so maybe it is obvious and I don’t know the Bachelor rules).

Both girls go cry at the news and it was obvious they were both really upset. I would love to know, people on this show, do you guys feel like you’re really in love? Is it because you’re in this vacuum? Like when you guys leave the show and go back to reality, do you still feel the same?

Anyways, Rachel decides to stay and gets the first rose. Gabby gets the second. (Does that mean Gabby was the second pick?) Gabby says she can’t take the rose. Clayton, instead of respecting the boundary that Gabby put up, decides to talk her into staying. I was PRAYING gabby would leave, but she didn’t.

(PS would you want Clayton to fight for you to stay if you were Gabby or would you want him to respect that boundary? I understand both sides. I think he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. But that’s because he already fucked up, so I don’t feel bad for him.)

At least they both know about him being in love with all of them.


Clayton’s mom says about Gabby,
“She almost walked out last night, do you still want to be with her?”
OMG WHAT. GABBY, why would you want to be with HIM? I know the bachelor isn’t real life and that nothing here is Gabby’s fault, but why would they want him to be with someone who doesn’t hold him to a high standard?

Clayton’s dad, who seems like a GEM, said “I honestly respect it.”

Clayton’s mom cries and goes “I’ve waited his whole life to see him be this happy.” He hasn’t been in love, because he isn’t a grown man. He needs to start working on himself and admit to himself the truth, HE is a FUCK BOY in southern baptist cosplay.

Rachel is starting to piss me off. It’s not her fault, she’s probably wonderful. But it’s because she’s too forgiving and too kind to Colton(I mean CLAYTON, but I’m not fixing it because LOL they both suck). Fuck that guy. She deserves someone as sweet to her as he is to her.

I think Rachel just wants to say the right thing. That’s nice, I guess. But that is the exact thing that got Clayton into this mess…. So….

After all this, he still wants Susie….. PROVING you don’t ever have to sleep with a man to keep his love. NEVER. Men love chasing. You don’t have to give up anything you don’t want to girlies!!!! But if you want to, BITCH, GET IT GET IT!!!!!

Clayton’s parents try to convince him not to go after Susie, because she left him and because if he was that serious, why would he sleep with two other girls? FAIR POINT.

DRAMATICALLY Clayton is told Susie is still in Iceland, where they all are.
So yeah, he just played with the other two girls’ emotions for nothing.


If Susie doesn’t win, I think she is my second guess….

If it has to be one of the two tonight…
Gabby. She is so funny and sweet. I think Rachel fucked herself when she stayed and accepted the rose. Maybe, you could make the argument that she is ready for love if she’s that committed. However, when I saw that she stayed, I thought, she may not be strong enough to put up boundaries and reject people every week…. similarly to Clayton…

Written by Sofía Viagra

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