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Our queen Rihanna. She won’t give us new music, but she will serve us every look under the sun. She is an absolute icon. She went from pop star, to a net worth of 1.7 billion dollars. She is second only to Oprah as the wealthiest female entertainer.

In 2005 we are introduced to Rihanna through Pon de Replay. Let’s play FMK with Rihanna at different stages of her career. Now we obviously would all fuck and marry Rihanna at any point in her life…. So this is hard… But I picked out three major ones.

  1. F*CK – LOUD Rihanna

LOUD Rihanna was a bad bitch. Three years after Good Girl Gone Bad and one year after the Chris Brown incident. Rihanna reinvented herself and was stronger and sexier than ever before.

Her music was amazing. Her outfits outfits were sexier and more colorful.

THE WAY SHE REJECTED DRAKE…. She had him wrapped around her finger!

2. MARRY – ANTI Rihanna

I think we’d all marry the Fenty billionaire Rihanna. But we are not playing with that era. However, ANTI Rihanna was gearing up to take over the world.

Right before ANTI dropped Rihanna’s style was at an all time high.

UNBELIEVABLE. I found this old US Weekly article where they described Rihanna’s style as “odd.” There is nothing odd to me about how she stunts so hard on everyone.

The picture below is one of my absolute favorite Rihanna moments.

This is the era bad gal riri was taking over the world.

3. Kill – Goog Girl Gone Bad

I absolutely fell in love with Rihanna in this era so it pains me to kill this one. The reason I must choose her is because she wasn’t fully herself in my opinion. I feel like she was playing it safe in many ways. This Rihannah had to die so bad gal riri could rise out of her ashes.

That being said, her hair had this blueish tint to it in this era that i was obsessed with.

Looking back, there has never been a dull moment with our pop queen. Cannot wait for her to be a mom!!!!

Written by Sofía Viagra

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