O.J. Simpson Took A Stab At This Blonde, Is Now Down Bad

You see what I did with that headline, right? RIGHT?!?!

As for the real story, OJ was out this weekend in Vegas — probably looking for his wife’s murder, obviously — when he met a fan who pulled out the camera and started the video feed to TikTok.

And that is when it gets good.

Let’s go to the tape:

If you don’t want the Chinese government to steal your information, here is the quick and dirty of it…

The Juice makes his move…
…. and gets juked, hard.

Apparently Mackenzie was not a fan?

Anyways, the 22-year-old went ahead and locked down her Instagram page right after the post picked up steam (but the replies on TikTok are fvcking hilarious). That said safety first — especially when you post an L that big on an acquitted double murderer who happens to love blondes.

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Written by Malcolm Henry

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