Things That Piss off College Students

“Non-Tech Savvy Professor”

Oh boy, this is one of the most annoying types of teachers. For starters, this professor is a minimum of 70 years old and when you see them your first thought is, “have you thought about retirement?” This professor keeps his grades, “in the books.” Whatever that even means. This professor gives you your final grade at the end of the semester or quarter after not knowing how you have been doing that entire time. This professor also looks like they could die while teaching the class and doesn’t have a loud voice so if you sit in the back, good luck trying to hear him.

Friday Classes-

I have never met anyone that likes Friday classes. With that being said I know very few people who have never had to take one. Friday classes are part of the reason why people have to stay an extra semester or two. Your attendance is atrocious and therefore you have no idea what the tests and papers are on. Friday classes are a lot like ex-girlfriends. It’s something you know you have and should try and figure out, but you refuse to acknowledge it.

Paying for Parking on Campus

I don’t know whose bright idea it was to make college students pay for parking, but that might be the dumbest thought ever. Students pay thousands of dollars to colleges to get an education at their school. Tuition covers enrollment for classes, a gym, water, power, and various other things. But parking? Of course not, why would we be able to park for free? You have to spend another hundred dollars or so to park. And if you don’t pay they have little dorks running around ticketing people who don’t have a parking pass. Seems legit.

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