Underrated Pornstar Of The Week (Respect Edition)

You know her, you love her, and her story is fascinating. Urban legend has it that she attended a military bar with her husband, and upon recognition, SHE was recognized for HER service (also, all of his brothers in arms were pretty shocked that they had seen his penis so many times). The deep-throat GOAT, the only person that outdid Lil Wayne in 2006, and a woman that deserves to be on the Mount Rushmore of porn: Heather Harmon (formerly known as Heather Brooke).

Yes, she rebranded- and yes, the sequel is never as good as the original. Just look at public reaction to the new Home Alone movie. However, it’s the same person, and I think that means something. Is she still in her prime? No. Yet, we still rooted for Allen Iverson as a Nugget. And even at 45, she’s still a PIECE. 

Have some respect for the greats boys. 

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