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TFM Girls of The Week

The hottest girls in the nation are back, and here are the top picks from around the country this week.

To kick things off, we have Aly from Northern Iowa. I can only imagine the looks Aly is giving to all the corn fed farm boys. You can find Aly’s Instagram @aly.say_
Next and keeping the midwest trend is the beautiful Kate, from University of Illinois. More of Kate can be seen on her Instagram @kateanncollins
Following is breathtaking Riley, also from University of Central Florida. Riley’s Instagram can be found @rileywhittall
Last and certainly not least is Rachel, from University of South Florida. Rachel’s Instagram is @rayraywhit

Truthfully, I could potentially field an entire soccer club with the amount of submissions from Florida this week.

Let us know in the comments who your favorite girl this week is! Also submit your submissions for next week’s article to the TFM Girls Instagram or website.

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  1. Remember when this site used to regularly feature stuff like this and not just continual ads for sports betting? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  2. Seriously, it’s been 6+ months and this 2+ year old gallery is still consistently one of the most viewed things on this site. Does that tell the content creators anything? Give the people what they want!

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