A Toronto Restaurant Is Naming Menu Items After Office Supplies… You Get Expensed, And That Burger Gets Expensed

Everybody knows that one friend who has a sweet new job that lets them put lunch, and whatever other food on the company card. You’re insanely jealous of this friend, and you’re staring at your job knowing that mistakes were made. Then there are schmuks like me who can’t even get paid when they’re injured, I’m not going to get into that here.

A restaurant in Toronto has galaxy brain and has figured out a perfect way to get around this. What if we rename our entire menu, so each item is an office supply? Now is this actually going to work? Who knows, but anything to stick it to the man. You see your boss go out on fancy golf courses and eat every high-priced food item, and when he comes back, it’s all for the client. Bullshit Bob I knew you enjoyed shooting a 113 and sucking down that tray of shrimp.

With everybody working from home, the rules of the job have definitely been cut down. You want to sneak that 10:30 beer go right ahead, nobody will see, you wanna wear sweatpants all day nobody is going to see your bottom half anyway, and you for the last week, you’ve had to buy a “stapler” every day around noon, um okay.

Whoever is in charge of expenses should be able to figure this out within seconds, but let’s hope they are also slacking off on their job as much as you are. Just imagine if a strip club also did this. Now that would be whatever is after galaxy brain.

Somebody commented on Reddit that a bar at their college was named the Dash, and on credit card statements, it would show as the Dash Bookstore. Parents were thinking that their kids would become the next Stephen King, while instead, they’re getting blackout drunk on $1 PBR nights.

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