Best Seasons of “The Office”

One could argue that it’s impossible to rank the seasons of “The Office,” but after searching high and low, near and far across the world wide web, I just couldn’t find one. Well, I found one, but it was a Reddit forum that was probably just got derailed by someone’s made up story about how someone’s naked neighbor busted in on them having sex while they were finding a toenail in their Big Mac. So, let’s make it official. Here are the best seasons of “The Office” RANKED:

9. Season 8

I said it was impossible to rank the seasons of “The Office,” but I retract my statement. Season eight was one gigantic fart noise. The show scuffled by without Michael Scott and Dwight changed from odd and dorky to creepy and kinda murdery. Andy Bernard became super lame and everyone on the show started dating each other.

Best Episode: “Free Family Portrait Studio.” Solely because of this:

8. Season 6

Season six seemed like it went on way too long. I don’t know how they made the character of Michael Scott unlikeable, but they did it. Jim being promoted to co-manager ruined the Jim/Dwight/Michael dynamic. Pam started her descent into insufferable and we weren’t even given a glimpse of how she and Jim were handling life as new parents. The only purpose the season seemed to serve was setting up Holly Flax’s return in season seven.

Best Episode: “Murder.” For as terrible this season was, this is still a classic Michael episode.

7. Season 9

The series finale alone makes this season one of my favorites. However, most of it leaves something to be desired. Michael’s return in the finale was one of the greatest cry/laughs I’ve ever had while watching anything, TV or film. It wrapped up the show beautifully, despite the mess that was made in seasons eight and nine.

Best Episode: “Finale.”

6. Season 1

I wasn’t as wild about season one as I was about the others. Michael Scott wasn’t quite yet as endearing as he was in the middle seasons and Jim and Pam came off as annoying. Also, it was just seven episodes long.

Best Episode: “Diversity Day.” Crossed lines that TV shows had never crossed.

5. Season 5

Left me wondering if Michael was ever going to catch a romantic break. He and Holly were damn near perfect, and then David Wallace screwed it up. The Michael Scott Paper Company was born and Michael’s attempt at spreading his entrepreneurial wings falls flat on its face, but he somehow ends up with his old job. The ultimate underdog story of a desperate man going up against big, bad corporate and coming out clean on the other side.

Best Episode: “Lecture Circuit”

4. Season 7

For as big a whiff season six was, they knocked season seven out of the park in their next at bat. Season seven saw Michael ride off into the sunset, wrapping up his story arc perfectly. As much as I wish we could’ve seen what Michael and Holly’s life was like in Colorado, I think it’s perfect that the showrunners decided to leave that to the imagination. In my mind, they lived happily ever after.

Best Episode: “Goodbye, Michael.” Jim and Michael saying goodbye just shits all over your heart.

3. Season 2

I don’t think I’ve ever been more captivated by a romantic storyline than I was with Jim and Pam’s. This entire season was a gauntlet of emotions and friendship and GOD DAMNIT WHY DON’T YOU JUST TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL, JIM?! Hilarious, heartbreaking, relatable. Awesome season.

Best Episode: “Casino Night.”

2. Season 3

Jim and Pam’s attraction knew no bounds, even after Jim started dating Karen, who he should’ve absolutely stayed with. What makes this the second best season to me is Michael Scott’s rise to glory. His relationship with Jan was one of the best subplots in the series and Michael started to run laps around every single character.

Best Episode: “The Convention”

1. Season 4

Season four and season three are basically neck-and-neck, but the reason season four edges out season three is because of one episode. The “Dinner Party” episode might be the best episode in television comedy history. Everyone has been to an awkward dinner party or some sort of private even where a couple bickers back and forth, ultimately ending in a huge blow out fight. The dialogue, the tension, the awkwardness, everything.

Best Episode: “Dinner Party”

Written by TSM

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